Make things that people use by hand.

Finishing by hand. Then you can feel the warmth as if the stone, which should be cold, had warmth. At the Saida Stone Shop, we are trying to create works that can be used in various scenes of daily life, using the technology cultivated over the past history. <> The finish, which gives the impression of being weathered over a long period of time, has led to the rediscovery of the charm of stones by actively collaborating with other materials and techniques. “Make things that people use by hand.” We will tell you such a simple richness by hand.

About Material

A stone is a solidified energy of the earth. I try to make works that can feel the energy.

Mikage Stone(granite)

Underground magma is a crystalline stone that has cooled and solidified deep inside the crust (there are various theories). It is hard, resistant to weathering, heavy, and has a low water absorption rate compared to other stones. Taking advantage of the characteristics of this highly durable “durable stone”, it has been used for signposts, stone torii gates, stone walls, etc. for a long time.


A type of pyroclastic rock, which is tuff formed by solidifying volcanic ash. <> Because it is soft, it is easy to process, but it is fragile. <> Until machining began, sandstone was often used as a tombstone material.